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Settlement cracks could signal a serious Arizona construction defect

Attention Arizona property owners. If you see evidence of settlement cracks in your structure, it could be a sign of a serious construction defect. In well-built homes and other buildings, there should not be any cracks in the foundation, below grade walls or elsewhere as the structure settles into the ground. If you see any cracks forming in the foundation or walls of your home or building, such problems often need to be addressed immediately before more serious damage occurs.

Settlement cracks are often vertical and can create bumps and crevices along a wall. Sometimes, these cracks are the result of short-term settlement of the building. In such cases, the cracks will normally not get any larger, but still need to be fixed in order to prevent further damage to your building. Other times, these cracks continue to grow and get larger, indicating there's a long-term, on-going settlement problem with the structure. Regular inspections can help identify if your settlement cracks are due to short-term or long-term problems.

What causes settlement cracks?

Settlement cracks can often be traced back to defective workmanship, architect negligence, expansive soil or problems with the foundation. Whatever the reason, you should not be held responsible for fixing the mistakes made by someone else. Some builders can be very responsive and immediately address the problem. Others might drag their feet and deny the problem even exists, especially if their work is still covered by the statute of limitations in construction defect claims and they have to make such repairs for free.

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